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Before contract

Once  your offer has been accepted by the vendor, their solicitor draws up the contract to transfer ownership to you and we advise you on the terms of the contract:

(i) Names of the seller and buyer(s)

(ii) the selling price

(iii) legal restrictions or rights on the property

(iv) a description of the services to the property, for example

drainage and gas

(v) the property’s boundaries

(vi) what fixtures and fittings, like carpets, are include

(vii) the date for completing the purchase (called ‘completion’)

We also advise you  on any matters that need to be settled:

  • Checking the ‘title’ – i.e. proving the seller has the legal rights to sell the title
  • Searching for evidence of old mine works etc
  • Discovering if there are any planned works, like road works or new developments, that might affect the property
  • You are usually responsible for insuring the property as soon as contracts are exchanged.
  • You should get a property survey before the exchange of contracts, to uncover any problems with the building. See ‘Property surveys’ to find out more.
  • Obtain formal mortgage offer from your lender before you sign the contract. The lender will send documents for you or your solicitor to sign.

Contact us by e-mailing or ring us on 01332 518135

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