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Selling your property-10 essential steps

The average seller takes 7 ½ months to sell their house could be reduced to as little as 4 months by a good lawyer and by following 10 essential steps:
Step 1 – Research Your Purchase
Form clear idea of what (and where) your next property is going to be so you can make a list of candidates. So research:
1. where you want to move
2. what sort of property you want
3. the price range

Step 2 – Research Your Sale
Really there are two questions you need answers to:
1. Is now a good time to sell?
2. How much is my house worth? – get a feel for the market before you speak to any estate agents. Get property valuations from several different estate agents to ensure they are not just telling you want you want to hear.

Step 3 – Workout Your Budget
Once you have a realistic idea of your likely sale price in order to calculate your true buying power you have to calculate all the costs of moving first.

Step 4 – Find The Best Mortgage Deal
Shop around for the best mortgage terms – there are 1,000’s of mortgages and lenders to chose from. Really there are 2 objectives:
1. Establish how much you can borrow; and then
2. Arrange a “mortgage in principle”. With a mortgage in principle in place you stand a better chance of having your offers accepted and you will also cut the risk of being gazumped.

Step 5 – Find a Cheap Specialist Conveyancing Solicitor – see our guide to conveyancing
Most vendors wait until they find a buyer before they find a conveyancer. However given that you can obtain a no-sale, no-fee conveyancing service, it costs nothing to instruct your lawyer earlier than and this will shave weeks off the time it takes to complete your transaction.
Our advice is to find a conveyancing solicitor now and instruct them to:
1. Obtain the title deeds.
2. Draft the sale contract.
3. Complete with you the seller property information questionnaires.

Step 6 Put Your Property on the Market
How Long Does it Take?
1.Prepare the property for sale (2-3 weeks)
2.Find a buyer (4-8 weeks)
3.Place offer on a new house and exchange contracts on your sale and purchase (8-14 weeks) nb: A good solicitor can reduce this.
4.Complete the transactions (2-4 weeks) n.b: a good solicitor can reduce this
5. It can take anywhere between 4 – 7.5 months to sell and buy a new house.If you follow the advice in this website you will take a lot less!

Step 7 – Start house hunting – once you start receiving offers or are experiencing a steady stream of positive viewings.

Step 8 – place offer on your new home and instruct your solicitor to synchronise the completion date of your sale and purchase. 

Step 9 – Instruct your mortgage broker to finalise your mortgage.
At this stage you will need to decide whether to rely on the lender’s valuation or to go for a survey.

Step 10 – Complete on your sale and purchase – MOVE IN

Contact us by e-mailing or ring us on 01332 518135 .

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