Derby Divorce

Our low price facility is for clients wishing us to represent them in divorce and matrimonial disputes without having to spend megabucks.  In contrast to other solicitors who charge by the hour we work for a guaranteed fixed fee so you don’t need to worry about the spiralling cost of your divorce.

A) Our Fixed Fee for an uncontested Divorce – where you are the person starting the proceedings and your spouse agrees to a divorce and there are no other issues that you wish us to advise you upon.

Our fees: £495
No VAT on our fees: Not registered
Court fees: £385

Court fees
The divorce Court will require you to pay standard government fees. These are currently £340 payable when the petition is filed and £45 to apply for the Decree Absolute at the end of the case. These are included in our total cost for a fixed fee divorce.

B) Our Fixed Fee for an Uncontested Divorce – where you are the Respondent (your spouse has started the proceedings) .Our fixed fee is applicable if  you agree to a divorce and want to reply to divorce papers you have received.

Our fees: £250
No VAT on our fees: Not registered
Court fees: £0
Total: £250.00

C) Additional Fees for Contested issues
If there are more issues to be worked out (e.g. sorting out a monetary agreement, advice on contact with kids, not being able to trace the other party, the other party denying receipt of the papers, needing to obtain a private detective and so on) we will bill you for this extra work. However, any extra costs will be agreed with you before any work is undertaken. We are willing to agree fixed cost ceilings and a competitive hourly rate (currently our hourly rate is £75.00).

Divorce or breaking up is never easy but with our prices at least you can afford to let us advise you on the various routes to achieve a divorce, prepare the paperwork and liaise with the Court on your behalf,which we will do in a caring and sensitive manner to achieve a prompt settlement with the minimum amount of psychological strain.

Contact us by e-mailing or ring us on 0800 1712215.


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