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Case Study

The claimant, a coal process operator, fell from machinery onto a coal pile some 10 feet below. He sustained a neck strain involving slight scarring of the ligaments. He was unable to work for two weeks and was in considerable pain during that period. His sleep was disrupted and his Christmas ruined. He was prescribed analgesics, but was not required to wear a collar. On his return to work, he had difficulty reversing a forklift truck, having to turn his entire body to do so. After three months, his symptoms began to improve. After five months, he resumed his hobby of fishing. After six months, he complained only of occasional residual symptoms, which resolved entirely within 18 months of the accident. He also sustained a laceration to his right wrist, which was embedded with coal pigment. The resulting blackened scar was 4 cm long, although it was very thin. Some of the pigment faded in time. He also sustained a strain to his back, which recovered within a few months, and a graze to his forehead. The district judge had particular regard to the whiplash injury and the scar in his award of £3,300 for general damages. General damages £4,749.07.

Case Study 2

The claimant sustained a whiplash neck injury in a heavy rear-end collision. She experienced immediate pain and went to hospital. She was given a collar, which she wore for two weeks and on and off and for two weeks thereafter. She saw her GP on two occasions in the following weeks and was prescribed painkillers. She underwent nine sessions of chiropractic treatment. Her symptoms improved over the first two months, but by six months after the accident she still had an ache in the root of her neck, which was worse after exercise. By the date of the trial, two-and-a-half years after the accident, she still had some stiffness and aching, described as nuisance symptoms. These were provoked if she kept her neck in one position for a length of time, but did not occur every day. She had given up her hobby of swimming because it provoked symptoms. Medical evidence was that the nuisance symptoms were likely to be permanent. General damages £6,835.78.

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