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Case Study

On 17 February 1997 the claimant was involved in a road traffic accident. Immediately after the accident, the claimant had pain in her right shoulder and the upper part of her right arm. Over the next few hours she also developed right-sided neck pain. She was diagnosed as having sustained a classic soft tissue whiplash type injury. She took the afternoon of the accident off work, returning to her employment the following day. The pain in her right shoulder and arm cleared up within nine months of the accident. The pain in her neck, however, persisted. Her neck pain was made worse if she did any carrying or tried to do exercise, such as aerobics or swimming. X-rays of the claimant’s cervical spine revealed an avulsion fracture of the spinus process of C6 vertebra. On examination nearly two years after the accident the claimant still presented with a mild, permanent ache in the right side of her neck. The neck pain was worse after she had been working on a computer as part of her employment. The prognosis was that the claimant’s right-sided neck pain, although low grade, was permanent and would remain at the same level throughout her life. The claimant would not suffer any long-term complications such as osteoarthritis. General damages £10,448.61.

Case Study 2

The claimant was injured in a road accident when her car was involved in a rear-end shunt collision. She hit her head on the windscreen and her chest on the steering wheel. She suffered pain in her forehead, upper chest and neck. She attended hospital complaining of increased tenderness all over her neck muscles and cervical spine. She was prescribed a soft collar and painkillers. She was diagnosed as having a lump on the front of her forehead, which was tender for two weeks. She had quite marked global headaches that were particularly acute for the first four days following the accident, becoming intermittent thereafter for several more weeks. She had bruising to her right upper chest from the car seat belt. She also could not breathe properly for the first few days. Her main problem, however, was diagnosed as a whiplash

injury to her cervical spine. Her neck was stiff particularly for the first month following the accident. She was confined to her house for a two-week period due to the pain in her neck and she wore the soft collar for nine weeks. At the time of the accident she was pursuing a course at university. She took nine weeks off from her studies due to her neck symptoms. She had only been able to return to her hobbies of badminton and classical Asian dancing to a limited extent because of the pain she suffered in the right side of her neck. At the assessment hearing the prognosis was that she would to continue to suffer intermittent symptoms in her right neck muscles for the foreseeable future. It was envisaged that some occasional intermittent discomfort in her neck might be permanent.

She was awarded £5,000 for PSLA and £580 for general damages (including £320 for the loss of use of her vehicle).

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