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Case Study

The claimant, a waiter, sustained a soft tissue whiplash njury to his neck in a road accident. He also strained both wrists. He was in no immediate pain, but stiffness developed in his neck and left shoulder overnight and he slept badly. He attended his doctor the next day and took two days off work. He took painkillers and attended his doctor on a second occasion a few weeks later, when he was still having difficulty lifting heavy objects. He was prescribed anti-inflammatories. His symptoms of discomfort and stiffness in the neck, between his shoulders and in his wrists gradually improved, and he had made a full recovery two months after the accident. General damages £1,289.01.

Case Study 2

The claimant sustained jolting to her neck, chest, lower back and left shoulder when the car that she was driving was hit in the rear by another car. She attended the A&E department at Trafford General Hospital, where she was examined, given painkillers and advised to see her GP. She visited her GP, was given repeat prescriptions and physiotherapy was arranged. A sick note was also given for two weeks but she returned to work before these were up. The pain affected her daily routine and she found that sitting for long periods, which she had to do as part of her job, caused the injured parts to ache. Bending and stretching made her shoulder, chest and back feel painful. She also suffered flashbacks to the accident and had situational worries. Her symptoms were expected to resolve within 12 months of the accident. General damages £2,864.48.

Case Study 3

The claimant was involved in a rear-end shunt road traffic accident in March 1999. She attended A&E the following day and was told she had sustained a whiplash

injury to her neck. She saw her GP, who treated her with painkillers. She suffered from headaches for four days after the accident and the injury exacerbated a pre-existing back condition for a three-week period. She required help with housework for a four-month period and underwent a course of physiotherapy, following which her symptoms resolved, giving a total recovery period of four months.

She was nervous in vehicles and this persisted at the time of settlement, but was expected to resolve within a total of 19 months. She was awarded: PSLA £1,500; physiotherapy £210; and care and assistance £390.

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