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Case Study

The claimant sustained a whiplash injury to her neck and seat belt bruising to her chest in a road traffic accident. She was taken to hospital by ambulance, where she remained for three days and was given morphine as a painkiller. The bruising to her chest was severe and continuous for three months following the accident but completely resolved after 10 months. Cervical osteoarthritis pre-dated the accident by six years, with symptoms moderately severe and intermittent. Fourteen months after the accident the pain in her neck was still severe and continuous, with neck movement restricted to 10-40% of normal. These symptoms were persisting and had not returned to the pre-accident level three years after the accident and were regarded as permanent. The claimant was unable to perform household tasks for 10 months and, after three years, she still had not returned to keep-fit activities, gardening, bowling or shop working. Her nervousness took 14 days to settle, but she continued to be an anxious passenger. General damages £18,131.98.

Case Study 2

The claimant was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained a whiplash injury to her neck, seat belt bruising to her chest and bruising to her shins. She had neck problems that pre-dated the accident by 15 years but they were made much worse by the accident, leaving her tearful and depressed. Significant pain in her neck and between her shoulders persisted, and was constant three years after the accident and exacerbated by long drives or prolonged forward flexion when she was reading or knitting, which also gave her a sense of blurred vision. Flexion and extension had become reduced but other neck movement caused pain at extremes. She also had a marked degree of crepitus. The claimant took both analgesics and aspirin seven times a week and a morphine painkiller two or three times a week when the pain was particularly bad. Household tasks were still proving difficult three years after the accident and the claimant was still waking up in the night, two or three times a week, 21 months after the accident. No improvement was expected in her symptoms. General damages £15,342.44.

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