Derby whiplash claim

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Case Study

The plaintiff was involved in a road traffic accident in which she sustained a whiplash injury to her neck and superficial bruising. The bruising cleared quickly. The neck injury was immediately painful and the plaintiff was prescribed analgesics by her GP, although she needed no collar or time off school. She would not sleep alone for about two weeks after the accident. After four months most of the symptoms had gone, although painkillers were still required. The occasional headaches also stopped. One year after the accident she still suffered pain when leaning over her desk for more than 45 minutes and when doing strenuous gymnastics. She could, however, dance for two hours without any discomfort. After 14 months she suffered pain only after long sessions of sports. She made a full recovery after about 18 months. Award £3000.

Case Study 2

The plaintiff was involved in a road traffic accident. He sustained a whiplash injury to his neck and cervical spine, injuries to his right shoulder and irritation to the left brachial nerve roots giving rise to pain in the left shoulder and arm. The principal injury was the whiplash injury and at the time of the trial he continued to suffer stiffness and a lack of the full range of movement in the neck, with pain at the base of the neck and between the shoulder blades, and pain, weakness and numbness down the left arm to the hand, particularly the thumb and the index and middle fingers. The symptoms were permanent and were gradually becoming worse, causing considerable pain and exhaustion. The plaintiff was a service engineer and had been with his employer for 20 years. He was due to retire at the age of 63, but due to his deteriorating condition, in particular his increasing loss of manual dexterity, he would not be able to perform his duties after the age of 53 and would have to seek alternative employment for the following 10 years. The plaintiff had been a DIY enthusiast and was an active caravaner but was unable to pursue either activity. Award £16k.

Case Study 3

The plaintiff was a downstairs passenger on a bus. The defendant drove his vehicle head-on into the bus at high speed. The plaintiff sustained a whiplash-type injury. He was required to wear a cervical collar for 14 days while the pain persisted. After that, the injury was limited to occasional discomfort that did not require medication to suppress. The plaintiff was absent from work for 10 days. Award £1750.


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