Derby whiplash compensation claim

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Case Study

S, female, a student, who was aged 16 years old at the date of the road traffic accident and 17 at the date of the hearing, suffered a soft tissue injury to the low back, a soft tissue whiplash injury to the neck and shoulders and a soft tissue injury to the right hip. Immediately after the accident S’s low back began to hurt. An hour after the accident S developed pain in the neck and across both shoulders. In addition, S experienced pain across her right hip. Due to the persistence of the physical symptoms S attended hospital. She was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries to the low back, neck, shoulders and right hip. No treatment was recommended. S was advised to self-medicate with painkillers. The pain in S’s low back region was constant for 2 weeks. During this time S experienced difficulty walking, bending and sitting down. She self-medicated with Paracetamol. After the initial fortnight, S’s low back pain began to improve. The symptoms became more intermittent. On examination approximately 3 months after the accident S reported that her low back symptoms were ongoing, but were intermittent in nature. S’s low back tended to be stiff for 30 minutes when she woke up in the morning and her symptoms could be exacerbated by sitting down for more than 1 hour.

The injury to S’s neck and shoulders improved rapidly before settling after 3 weeks. S’s right hip was sore for 2-3 days after the accident before resolving completely. For a fortnight S’s sleep was troubled due to the ongoing pain and discomfort that she experienced. S was unable to attend the gym for a month and her social life was disrupted for 2 weeks.

The prognosis was for S’s residual low back symptoms to settle within 5 months of the accident. This was borne out at the hearing when she was awarded £2300.00.

Case Study

D, a factory worker, suffered a soft tissue injury to the neck and both shoulders. Immediately after the accident D was in shock. Within a couple of hours of the accident, D began to develop pain in his neck and shoulders. As the pain was relatively mild to begin with D still went to work. At work the pain in D’s neck and shoulders began to get worse. D attended his GP and was diagnosed with a injury to the neck and shoulders. D was prescribed Co-Codamol for pain relief. For the first week post-accident D’s symptoms started to increase and became acute. During this time D struggled to sleep at night. After the first week the level of pain in D’s neck and shoulders eased a little, although he was still experiencing regular pain. Thereafter, over the next couple of months D continued to experience pain in the neck and shoulders on a daily basis. He took Co-Codamol on an as and when needed basis. For the first month after the accident D was unable to play darts, play pool or walk his dog due to his ongoing physical symptoms. D’s social activity of attending car boot sales was restricted for about 6 months after the accident. On examination by the medical expert approximately 4 months after the accident D still experienced intermittent pain in his neck and shoulders. The pain was exacerbated by looking to extremes or on sitting in one spot for too long. D also still suffered from sleep disturbance on some nights. The prognosis was for D’s symptoms to resolve 10 months after the accident. At trial, D confirmed that he had suffered from episodes of disturbed sleep for 6 months post-accident and that his physical symptoms had resolved in accordance with the 10 months prognosis period. Award £2768.00.

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