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Case Study

The claimant was involved in a road traffic accident when he collided with the defendant’s vehicle while riding his motorcycle .Immediately after the accident he was very shaken and felt pain in his thighs and nose. He had a laceration on the bridge of his nose and small shards of glass in his face as a result of his glasses having shattered. Paramedics attended the accident scene but the claimant chose not to go to hospital by ambulance because he felt that his injuries were not sufficiently serious to warrant abandoning his motorcycle which was valuable. However, he attended A&E later the same day because the cut over his nose was still bleeding and he was in pain. The wound was cleaned and dressed, and a butterfly stitch was applied. The claimant was then discharged with advice as to painkilling medication. He subsequently visited his GP on two occasions and took over-the-counter analgesics. He developed two black eyes and prominent swelling on the left side of the nose. There was also extensive bruising to the front of the right thigh and the rear of the left thigh. The pain in the nose and thighs was at its most severe for three to four days, after which it began to ease. The claimant refrained from socialising for two weeks after the accident. Within six weeks his facial injuries had resolved, except for a 1 cm scar across the bridge of the nose. The scar would be permanent, but hidden by the claimant’s glasses. The thigh injuries caused sleep disturbance for three to four months because the claimant was unable to get into a comfortable position. He made a complete recovery by seven months post-accident. General damages £3,089.9.

Case Study 2

The claimant was involved in a road traffic accident in which his motorcycle underwent a direct frontal impact with a car. There was direct trauma to the left side of his head and he may have lost consciousness briefly. He was taken to A&E and by the following morning was experiencing severe pain in the area from the left side of his neck down to his left knee, all of which had come into contact with the car. He was off work for a week and a half before returning, spending the first week back at work on light duties. He could not carry out any domestic duties for two weeks and did not resume usual domestic activities until six weeks post-accident. His main injury was a hyperextension-hyperflexion whiplash-type injury to the cervical spine, but he also suffered direct trauma to the left side of his chest and his left hip, thigh, knee and ankle. The most severe symptoms gradually improved within five days of the accident. The claimant took strong painkillers regularly for a month, followed by non-prescription painkillers for up to a year. On examination at three months post-accident he was suffering occasional discomfort in his neck and shoulders approximately every two to three days, very mild chest discomfort, which occurred only when he was lying down, and tenderness over the left femoral head of the hip that caused occasional difficulties in walking and driving. The direct trauma to the left knee and ankle had resolved by this time. He also suffered from flashbacks that occasionally disturbed his sleep. These occurred quite frequently at the time of the examination and were still occasional at the time of the trial. His neck symptoms continued to improve and resolved fully by 12 months post-accident. His chest symptoms resolved completely by six to seven months post-accident.General damages £3,245.27.

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