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Case Study

A Derby motorcycle accident left the claimant with: head injuries; damage to his right arm leading to amputation above the elbow (after two-and-a-half years of surgery to try to save the limb); and injuries to his back, right hip and knee, which seriously affected his mobility. He suffered from double vision. He was unlikely ever to find paid employment again and he was no longer able to play the guitar. The court upheld the award of £145,000 for PSLA ( General damages) and more than £200,000 for four state-of-the-art prosthetic right arms, which need to be replaced every five years. He was awarded housing costs, although living in an isolated two-bedroom bungalow with a large garden, he was ‘entitled to enjoy the sounds of nature at his rural home where he can play his music loud as some compensation for the fact that his guitar-playing days are over’. General damages (present value) £190,396.83.

Case Study 2

The claimant was knocked off his motorcycle by a car, landing on his left side as he fell. He experienced immediate pain in his left foot, wrist and hip. He was treated at hospital and discharged the same day. He was diagnosed as having sustained a soft tissue injury to his dominant left wrist, which caused severe pain for two weeks. On examination at five months post-accident he was experiencing continuing intermittent aching in the wrist, especially in cold weather and when performing heavy activities. He had not returned to his hobby of boxing training and could only ride his motorcycle or approximately two hours before his wrist began to ache. The prognosis was for a full recovery within 8-11 months of the accident. At trial, some 13 months post-accident, the claimant gave evidence that his wrist still ached in cold weather and whenever he rode his motorcycle

or prolonged periods. He had returned to light boxing training, but hitting hard bags caused his wrist to ache. Damages were assessed on the basis of a full recovery from the wrist symptoms being achieved over the following months.

The claimant had also sustained a soft tissue injury to his left foot, with initial swelling and bruising to the third and fourth metatarsals. At hospital, his foot was put in a temporary plaster cast until any fracture could be ruled out. Subsequently the cast was removed, his foot was dressed and he was discharged on crutches, which he used for about two weeks. During this period the foot was severely painful. The claimant had reduced mobility, took painkillers and was off work. He experienced difficulty with housework and daily activities during this period. At five months post-accident, he was experiencing intermittent pain in the foot, particularly upon prolonged standing and in cold weather. The foot was significantly tender to palpation in the area of the second and third metatarsals. The prognosis was for full recovery from the foot injury by 8-11 months post-accident but some minor symptoms were continuing at trial, 13 months after the accident. Damages were assessed on the basis of a full recovery being achieved within a few months.

The claimant also sustained a minor neck strain in the accident, which caused significant symptoms for two weeks before resolving quickly. Furthermore, he sustained an abrasion to the lateral aspect of the left elbow. This caused several weeks of localised discomfort and left a scar, which had the appearance of a slightly darkened area of skin, measuring approximately 3 cm by 1.5 cm. The scar was permanent but its appearance would improve, and the claimant’s evidence was that he was not at all bothered by its appearance.

Finally, the claimant had sustained some generalised bruising to his left side, particularly his hip. This resolved over a short period following the accident, after which he was initially nervous when he resumed riding his motorcycle. General damages £4,269.85.

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