Derby no win no fee claim

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Non- portal RTA Costs

Where a non- portal road traffic accident claim is settled pre-issue and the agreed damages include damages in respect of personal injury, damage to property, or both which do not exceed £10,000, but are more than the small claims track, fixed recoverable costs apply (CPR 45.7). The amount of fixed recoverable costs is the total of £800 and then 20% of the damages agreed up to £5,000 and then 15% of the damages agreed between £5,000 and £10,000 (CPR 45.9). The court may allow a claim for disbursements for the cost of obtaining:

(a)     medical Records;
(b)     a Medical Report;
(c)     a Police Report;
(d)     an Engineers Report;
(e)     a search of the records of the DVLA; or
(f)     the amount of an insurance premium or where a membership organisation undertakes to meet liabilities incurred to pay the costs of other parties to proceedings, and some not exceeding such additional amount of costs as would be allowed in respect of provision made against the risk of having to meet such liabilities (CPR 45.10).

If the claimant’s solicitors are acting under a CFA, the claimant will recovery a success fee of 12.5% of the fixed recoverable costs.

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