Derby injury claim

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Case Study

The claimant was a front-seat passenger in a car towing a caravan when a gust of wind caught the caravan and both the car and caravan went out of control. The car ended up on the central reservation and the caravan overturned. As a consequence, the claimant attended A&E, where a whiplash njury was diagnosed. She sustained a soft tissue injury to the left side of the neck and suffered psychological effects of panic attacks, anxiety and a fear of travelling on motorways. She had attended her GP regularly, who prescribed paracetamol. Due to her anxiety state, she had also been referred to a counsellor. General damages £4,051.13.

Case Study 2

The claimant was a near-side rear-seat passenger in a stationary vehicle. He was wearing a seat belt when the car was struck from behind by another vehicle. He did not take any time off work because he could not afford to. Following the accident the claimant suffered no immediate pain. However, a few days later he developed pain in his neck radiating into both shoulders and lower back. He had sustained soft tissue injury to the para-spinal muscles, which became tight and tender due to the lack of active treatment. He also had a frontal headache. He suffered intermittent sleep disturbance as a consequence of the accident. No long-term sequelae were expected.

Eleven months after the accident the neck pain was less severe and intermittent, but the claimant had not fully recovered. He also continued to suffer with lower back pain that worsened on bending, lifting and twisting. He found that massage helped to relieve the symptoms. He would require a course of physiotherapy of 6-12 sessions to enable a full recovery to be made over the next six to nine months. General damages £3,269.38.

Case Study 3

The claimant was a front-seat passenger with a seat belt on when the accident occurred. The car in which he was travelling was hit head-on by a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. Following the accident the claimant suffered pain in his head and a laceration to the right side of his forehead. He was examined in A&E, where his wound was cleaned and dressed. One to two days following the accident he developed posterior neck pain radiating into both shoulders. He also suffered with pins and needles and numbness in the left fourth and fifth fingers. He had intermittent sleep disturbance and was off work for one week. He initially had a few bad dreams about the accident. The graze to his head healed in about one week, but he continued to suffer headaches that lasted for several hours about three times a week. He was expected to make a full recovery over the four to six months following the date of the settlement. This would require physiotherapy to aid the healing process. General damages £3,414.69.

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