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Case Study

The plaintiff sustained a whiplash

neck injury and bruising to his chest in a head-on collision. He attended hospital, where he was given painkillers and discharged. He subsequently attended his GP on one occasion.

He was off work for one week and thereafter worked one day a week at home, for a period of four weeks, due to his symptoms. After four weeks the chest bruising had largely resolved and his neck injury was on the way to recovery. However, there was a recurrence of pain from both areas following a particular period of activity six months after the accident.

His hobbies of gardening, decorating, scouting and squash were interfered with for periods of up to six months.

The plaintiff was awarded £3,250 for PSLA. The award was made on the basis that he had made a complete recovery eight to nine months post-accident.

Case Study 2

The plaintiff was the driver of a car that was hit from behind while stationary at a junction. She was shocked and shaken and sustained whiplash

injuries to her neck and lower back.

The stiffness in her neck worsened over night and remained severe for about a week, and the pain in her lower back persisted for about two weeks. The plaintiff also suffered from headaches for two days after the accident. She attended her GP later the same day and was advised to take Nurofen for several days. She was diagnosed with situation-specific anxiety. Her physical injuries resolved after two months, but the psychological problems continued to the date of the trial, amounting to over 16 months of pain and suffering in total.

The plaintiff was a student and lost one week of study as a result, but was able to continue with part-time work unabated. She was anxious about driving but drove regularly to and from university after the accident, due to necessity, although she did suffer from flashbacks. A full recovery was expected.

She was awarded £1,000 for PSLA, comprising £750 for the physical injuries and £250 for the psychological injuries.

Case Study 3

The plaintiff was stationary at a set of traffic lights when she was hit in the rear. The car was shunted forwards one car length. Following the impact, the plaintiff developed pain in the back of the neck, radiating to the trapezia area bilaterally. The symptoms were significant for the first two weeks. In addition, the plaintiff had lower back pain for 10 days across the upper lumbar area.

The plaintiff was a typist but took no time off work. Nevertheless, she had aching in her back and neck while at her desk. She had to get up every half an hour to walk and stretch.

She subsequently required physiotherapy treatment to loosen up the muscles and made a full recovery within 14 months. The award was £2,923.83.

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