Derby injury claim

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Case Study

The plaintiff’s head went through a windscreen in a head-on collision. He may have momentarily lost consciousness. He was taken to hospital, where he was treated and discharged. The plaintiff sustained a cut on his right chin. He also sustained cuts to his shin and thigh, and abrasions to the back of his right hand. Abrasions to his left eye resulted in him being referred to the eye hospital. There was a scratch on the eye itself, which resolved naturally. He also sustained a whiplash


A cut on his right chin was glued, but he was forced to make a further visit to the hospital when this cut reopened. This resulted in visible scar tissue, but it was not particularly unsightly or noticeable.

At the time of the medical report, five months post-accident, the plaintiff still felt discomfort two or three times a week. The blow to his head was of sufficient severity to cause post-concussional problems, such as forgetfulness and poor concentration, but there was predicted resolution 9-10 months after the accident. He suffered some residual pain and restriction in movement due to the whiplash

injury. He also suffered post-concussional problems, such as forgetfulness and poor concentration.

After the accident the plaintiff was nervous and wary about driving a car, and unable to do heavier household chores for a period. The accident resulted in him taking about two weeks off work. General damages £4,385.74.

Case Study 2

The plaintiff was travelling as a rear-seat passenger in a motor vehicle when another vehicle pulled out of a car park and hit the front driver’s side. As a result of the impact, the plaintiff was thrown forcibly backward and sideways, during which he caught his right foot under the seat in front and twisted his right knee. The plaintiff sustained a whiplash

injury to his left shoulder and discomfort to his right knee. He immediately had swelling to the front of the right knee. He was treated with painkillers and had five to eight sessions of physiotherapy treatment to his right knee. For the first few weeks he had pain at the back of the neck and left shoulder, together with discomfort in the right knee, which disturbed his sleep.

He was unable to play football due to the injury to his right knee or go out clubbing as often as he did before. He made a full recovery within six months. General damages £1,831.86.

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