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Manual Handling

The Manual Handling Regulations 1992 deal with ‘manual handling operations’ which means transporting, supporting, lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load by hand or bodily force (reg 2).

The regulations specifically apply in favour of ’employees’ (reg 4).

The Regulations seek to avoid or reduce the risks of injury arising out of manual handling operations. Such risks are not limited to back injuries nor other injuries caused by the exertion of performing manual handling operations but encompass all risks that such operations involve eg not being able to see one’s way due to carrying a large load, injuries inflicted by the object being handled, dropping an object that is awkward to hold, losing control of a load that is being pushed or pulled and the cumulative effects of repetitive handling.

The employer’s duty is to avoid, so far as is reasonably practicable, manual handling with a risk of injury (reg 4(1)(a)). If that is not reasonably practicable, a risk assessment must be carried out, appropriate steps taken to reduce the risk to the lowest level reasonably practicable and information given as to the weight of the load and its distribution (reg 4(1)(b)). In determining whether or not the manual handling operation involves a risk of injury and what are appropriate steps to reduce that risk, regard is to be had to factors such as the physical suitability of the employee to carry out the operation, his knowledge and training and the result of any risk assessments and health surveillance carried out under regs 3 and 6 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. Employees are under a duty to use any system of work provided (reg 5). The Regulations do not specify maximum weights.

Accordingly liability might arise if manual handling could have been avoided by using machinery , or if a risk assessment wasn’t carried out , or if it was but appropriate steps were not taken, such as lightening the load or getting other workers to help lift it.

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