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Case Study

The claimant sustained injuries to the groin, scrotum and urinary tract when a colleague struck him with a heavy box during the course of his employment. He was winded and suffered immediate pain in the groin and scrotum. Within 30 minutes the claimant noticed that he was passing blood in his urine, although there was no obvious pain with voiding. He attended hospital, where he was examined, and it was noticed that there was swelling in the scrotum and blood in the urine. He was diagnosed as having suffered a haematuria indicative of an injury to the urinary tract and scrotum, and was prescribed analgesics. Over the next few days, the claimant’s left groin was throbbing and his left scrotum was swollen. The blood in his urine began to decrease, but he experienced a burning and stinging sensation when voiding. His doctor signed him off work

for a month initially and subsequently at monthly intervals for 11 months. The pain and discomfort with voiding took about four weeks to settle, although there was still occasional blood. The pain and swelling in his left testicle took six to seven months to resolve, but some pain persisted and he had difficulty for the next few months with his daily activities, especially any lifting tasks.

The injury had a significant impact on the claimant’s sexual function. The judge took particular account of this when assessing general damages. For about 9-10 months after the accident, it was too painful for the claimant to engage in sexual intercourse. This put a strain on his marital relations and it was not until about 11 months post-accident that he was able to return to normal marital relations. The claimant was absent from work for a period of 11 months. The medical evidence indicated that he would have been capable of returning to work within seven months of the accident, but his job involved heavy lifting, which he could not do, and, in the absence of light duties, he was signed off for 11 months. The claimant was unable to walk the family dog for some months post-accident, as the dog tended to aggravate the claimant’s symptoms by pulling on the lead. Damages were assessed on the basis that all of the claimant’s symptoms had resolved within 11 months of the accident. Award £3,500.00.

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