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Case study

The plaintiff, a factory worker, sustained a straining injury to his lower back as a result of trying to pull a heavy trolley at work. He was kept in hospital for three weeks for bed rest and was off work for five months in total. When he returned, he was fit only for light duties. The diagnosis was an acute strain to the lumbar spine and minor damage to a lumbar disc causing nerve root irritation. Initially the lower back pain was very severe, but within 12 months of the accident it was described as a constant nagging pain ‘like toothache’. The condition was permanent and there was no risk of further deterioration. The plaintiff had suffered isolated episodes of back pain before the accident, but there was no ongoing problem and the present symptoms were entirely due to the accident. He was taking painkillers daily, usually aspirin, and would occasionally resort to a back support corset. He performed exercises daily on the advice of a physiotherapist. Mobility in the lower back was restricted to between 50% and 75% of full and walking was limited to ¼ mile. Although the plaintiff’s job was reasonably secure (he had been working for the defendant for more than 20 years), the medical evidence was that he would be at a disadvantage if he found himself on the labour market. He would not be able to carry out any work that involved bending, lifting or carrying. Award £22,217.50.

Case study 2

The plaintiff was struck on the head by a piece of plaster from a factory ceiling while at work. He was rendered unconscious for approximately 30 minutes and sustained a minor head injury. He also suffered quite severe depression from the date of the accident until the date of his death six years later, although only 15 months of depression was attributable to the accident. He further suffered dizziness, pains in the head, watering of the eyes, unsteadiness on the feet, loss of confidence and self-esteem and irritability with his family. During a bout of dizziness three or four months after the accident, the plaintiff fell down the stairs at his home and fractured his ankle. A plaster cast was applied for four weeks and he wore an elastic bandage for a further four weeks. Thereafter, the ankle ached in cold weather but there were no continuing symptoms after 15 months.



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