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Provision and Use of Work Equipment

Under the regulations there are duties regarding such work equipment as is provided. These duties are to ensure work equipment is and remains suitable and conforms to standards specified in other legislation implementing European Directives (listed in Sch 1); to restrict, to designated employees only, use of equipment likely to present specific risks to health and safety; to provide adequate information, instructions and training; to protect against dangerous parts and other specified hazards; to protect against high or very low temperatures; to provide visible controls to start, control, stop and emergency stop the equipment; to provide safe control systems; to provide isolation from energy sources; to stabilise equipment; to light it; to protect against risks while maintaining it; and to include safety markings and warning devices on work equipment. Part III of the Regulations imposes duties specific to mobile work equipment, including fork lift trucks. Part IV applies to power presses.

Under regulation 4 :

(1)  every employer shall ensure that work equipment is so constructed or adapted as to be suitable for the purpose for which it is used or provided.

(2)     In selecting work equipment, every employer shall have regard to the working conditions and to the risks to the health and safety of persons which exist in the premises or undertaking in which that work equipment is to be used and any additional risk posed by the use of that work equipment.

(3)     Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is used only for operations for which, and under conditions for which, it is suitable.

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