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Employer’s Liability Defective Equipment Act

The Act redresses the unsatisfactory common law position under which an employee would have no remedy for injury caused by defective equipment supplied by the employer if the latter had purchased the article from a reputable source and the defect was a latent one which the employer had no means of discovering.

Where an employee suffers personal injury in the course of his employment in consequence of a defect in equipment provided by his employer for the purposes of the employer’s business; and the defect is attributable wholly or partly to the fault of a third party (whether identified or not), the injury shall be deemed to be also attributable to negligence on the part of the employer , but without prejudice to the law relating to contributory negligence and to any remedy by way of contribution or in contract or otherwise which is available to the employer in respect of the injury.

Get in touch with no win , no fee Derby solicitors by e-mailing , or ring us on 01332 518135 .

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