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The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 allows claims for reasonable financial provision from a deceased person’s estate, where such provision has not been made by will or on intestacy.The court examines

• Does the will (or intestacy provision) make reasonable financial provision for the applicant?

• If not, should the court intervene so as to award such provision from the estate?

• If so, what type of provision is appropriate in this particular case?
‘Reasonable financial provision’ means such provision as is appropriate in these particular circumstances for the applicant’s maintenance, unless the claim is made by a surviving spouse (or civil partner) in which case no such limitation applies – see section 1(2). The orders available under section 2 are extremely wide in scope and very similar to ancillary relief orders which might be made on divorce:

(a) periodical payments, secured or otherwise;

(b) lump sum(s);

(c) an order for the transfer of property comprised in the estate (as defined in sections 8 and 9);

(d) a direction that such property should be held on specified trusts;

(e) the acquisition of other property in satisfaction of a claim.

We charge only £50 for preparing a will, and £600 for probate of an estate under £300k.

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