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Obliterations, interlineations, alterations

Obliterations, interlineations, alterations in, omissions from, and condition of will sought to be proved

Where there appears to be any obliteration, interlineation or other alteration which is not authenticated in the manner prescribed by the Wills Act 1837, or by re-execution of the will, or by the execution of a suitable codicil, the district judge or registrar must require evidence to show whether the alteration was present at the time when the will was executed and must give directions as to the form in which the will is to be proved, except where the alteration appears to the district judge or registrar to be of no practical importance. Where necessary the court will allow the use of artificial means to decipher original words and figures, but will not resort to physical interference with the document.
If the will refers to another document in such terms as to suggest that it is to be incorporated4 in the will, the district judge or registrar must require the document to be produced, and may call for such evidence in regard to the incorporation as he thinks fit. Evidence will also be called for by the district judge or registrar if it appears from the state of the will, for example pin holes or the indentations of paper clips, that another document may have been attached to it. If there is any appearance of attempted revocation of a will by burning, tearing or otherwise destroying or any other circumstances leading to a presumption of revocation by the testator then this must be accounted for to the satisfaction of the district judge or registrar.
Where there is doubt as to the date on which a will was executed the district judge or registrar may require such evidence as he thinks necessary to establish the date. In order to satisfy himself as to any of the matters referred to above the district judge or registrar may require an affidavit from any person he may think fit and in any such affidavit sworn by an attesting witness or other person present at the time of the execution of a will the deponent must depose as to the manner in which the will was executed.

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